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Our prices vary depending on the class.  The prices below are for when a fencer pays by the month but payment by the class can also be arranged.  Monthly dues entitle members to participate in all group classes and open fencing times and occasional use of club electric weapons, lames, and body cords.  All prices are subject to change. Discounts are also available based on the number of family members enrolled as well as the method of payment. 

Pricing Structure

  • Group Classes 
    • Home School Beginner – $100 per month per student
    • Home School Advanced – $100 per month per student
    • Youth Beginner – $100 per month per student
    • Youth Advanced – $100 per month per student
    • Adult Beginner - $100 per month per student
    • Adult Advanced - $100 per month per student
  • Historical Fencing Group Class – $60 per month per student 
  • Private Lessons - $30 per 30 minute lesson.  Contact our coaching staff for prices if you wish to have small groups attend a private lesson.
  • Floor Fee – For advanced fencers who only wish to participate in open fencing and aren’t in any of the group classes – $10 per night
  • Discounts
    • Family Discount - Each additional student from the same immediate family will receive a 25% discount. So the first family member will be full price, the second will get a 25% discount, the third will get a 50% discount, the fourth a 75% discount and any beyond the 5th student from the same family will be no charge. For example a family with 2 students attending group classes will pay $175 a month ($100 for student #1 and $75 for student #2) while a family with 3 students will pay $225 a month ($100 student #1, $75 student #2, and $50 student #3).
    • Pre-Pay Discounts for Group Classes – Pay three full months and receive the fourth month free
    • Autopay Discount – Anyone who signs up for autopay will receive a 10% discount (cannot be combined with any other discounts). You will be responsible for telling us when to discontinue your autopay. Autopays can be discontinued at anytime and can be put on hold for vacations.
Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Please select which summer camp(s) you are interested in.

  • Beginner Camps (Ages 7-9)
    • Session 1 - June 3-7
    • Session 2 - July 8-12
  • Beginner Camps (Ages 10-12)
    • Session 1 - June 10-14
    • Session 2 - July 15-19
  • Advanced Camps
    • Session 1 - June 17-21
    • Session 2 - July 22-26

Thank you.  We will be in contact soon.

Free Intro Lesson

Free Intro Lesson

Red Stick School of Fencing offers a free one-hour introduction to fencing lesson for people that are 7 years old and up. We can also do this lesson for a family or group of people. The lesson is by appointment only and we will work with you to find a day and time that works best for everyone.

Thank you for sending a message to us about the Free Intro Lesson.  We will contact you as soon as we can about it.