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Frequently Asked Questions

What clothes should I wear?

Fencers should come dressed to exercise; T-shirts, long pants (sweats are recommended) and sneakers (no crocs, sandals, or boots). There are changing rooms available for those who wish to bring a change of clothes.  

How much does it cost?

Different classes have different prices and it also depends on whether you are paying by the class, by the month, or by the semester.  We also offer family discounts.  Therefore, you should speak to us about the exact cost depending on your situation.  However, in the case of our group classes that meet twice a week and which the fencer pays by the month, the cost is $100 for the month.  

What are the facilities like?

Red Stick School of Fencing is an air-conditioned, 4000 square foot facility devoted to the sport of fencing. There are 8 regulation fencing strips (including one grounded strip) and enough gear for 30+ fencers. We have separate bathrooms and changing rooms for men/boys and women/girls and a small waiting area.

I wear glasses. Is this an issue?

No, the glasses will fit easily under the masks.

What precautions are taken to insure safety?

Safety of the fencers is our primary concern. Fencers are taught proper safety rules and techniques before they are allowed to fence or handle the equipment. Fencers are never allowed to use the equipment without wearing the proper safety gear. First Aid materials are always on hand and at least one CPR trained adult is present at all times.

I am not very athletic. Is this a problem?

Unlike most sports there is no ideal body type for fencing. One visit to our school and you will see fencers of every shape, size, age, body type, and athletic level. With proper training any body type can be successful at fencing. We try to cater our teaching techniques to help the student reach their fullest potential.

I have a disability. Can I still attend classes?

Fencers with disabilities are welcome to take fencing lessons at the school.  Please contact us so that we can determine which class environment best suits your needs.

How are you handling things during the pandemic?

We ask that anyone who has come in contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 please not attend any classes or lessons for 14 days. We will be happy to schedule private lessons at no extra charge for any classes missed for this reason.
Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Please select which summer camp(s) you are interested in.

  • Beginner Camps (Ages 7-9)
    • Session 1 - June 3-7
    • Session 2 - July 8-12
  • Beginner Camps (Ages 10-12)
    • Session 1 - June 10-14
    • Session 2 - July 15-19
  • Advanced Camps
    • Session 1 - June 17-21
    • Session 2 - July 22-26

Thank you.  We will be in contact soon.

Free Intro Lesson

Free Intro Lesson

Red Stick School of Fencing offers a free one-hour introduction to fencing lesson for people that are 7 years old and up. We can also do this lesson for a family or group of people. The lesson is by appointment only and we will work with you to find a day and time that works best for everyone.

Thank you for sending a message to us about the Free Intro Lesson.  We will contact you as soon as we can about it.